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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nascars Most Popular Driver

Dale Earnhardt Jr. # 88

Our Boats at the Marina. Lake Hartwell, SC

Notice the Water coming out of
the Running Engines Exhaust Pipes of the Pacemaker.
Getting ready to go.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Freedom Weekend Aloft Balloons

One Crashed Toyato / Michael Waltrip / Darlington, SC. A Track Too Tough Too Tame

Darlington, SC Race Track / Racing since 1950 / 2009 Nascar Race

Private Docks on Lake Hartwell

Yachting and Fishing

Skiing on Lake Hartwell. Nothing else like it..............

Got her in the Wind...........

Sailing on Lake Hartwell

More Funnnnn.................

Fun, Fun, Fun....................

Geese and Ducks at the Marina. The Lake Water turns a Beautiful Green color if it hasn't Rained in a couple of days.

Lake Hartwell Dam. Part of the Savannah River Basin. The Lake is 660' FT. above Sea Level.

Gracies 6 Puppies. Chihuahuas.

The Marina. The Pacemaker has a Wide Beam of 11' feet.

Heading down River. Lake Hartwell is part of the Savannah River Basin.

The 'Large' Lake Hartwell

Private Docks on Lake Hartwell

I - 85 going over Lake Hartwell

Hot Air Ballooning

Balloons over Our House

Balloons over our City

The Marina where I keep the Boat. Big Water Marina, Lake Hartwell, Anderson SC

Speed Boat on the Lake

Cabins, Homes, Docks and Public Boat Landings on Lake Hartwell, SC @ GA.

The American way................

Cruising on Lake Hartwell. Large Lake and Deep too. Deepest I've found so far is 178 ft. However, Charts show water depths of 200' to 300'.

Our 1987 Stingray

Homes and Docks on Lake Hartwell. Picture of our 1987, 19' Stingray. My Brother is driving and I'm on our Pacemaker Cabin Cruiser.

Big Water Marina, Lake Hartwell, SC. Nice place to keep your boat. Either Power or Sail

Power Boating or Sailing on Lake Hartwell, SC and Ga.

Ol' Glory - Boating - Lake Hartwell, SC / Ga.

The Helm and The Carolina Gamecocks Hat

More Docks

Private Docks on Lake Hartwell

Cruising on the Lake

Fishing on the Lake