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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thank You Lord for a Beautiful Day and Country ...

   God found this Boat for Us on our Paper Route ! 4 Years ago. Paid only
   $ 500.00 for her. Put in a New Floor, Seats, and bought a Top for her.
   You can't Tell Me God didn't put this Boat in Our Path ...
   God Will Bless Your Families Too ...

   Amen .......

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  1. Allen, it's great to be thankful, but when Jesus comes into our lives, the emphasis changes.

    We are no longer merely citizens of our city, our state or our nation: We are not nationalists -- we are citizens of something much higher!

    We should thank God for a beautiful world, not just for a beautiful nation. Every person on earth is part of God's domain.

    The Constitution may be a great document, but it cannot safe us. We know one who can, however. And he is not an American, wonderful as America is!